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HRT 451: Disney Internship

Melissa Palomino outside the French MarketCollins College of Hospitality Management students have the opportunity to participate in the summer-fall cohort of the Disney College Program while earning full-time units.  Collins College Students accepted in the summer-fall Disney College Program have the opportunity to enroll in a 12-unit fall course (HRT 451).

The college has designed the fall course to allow Collins College students to earn academic credit as a full-time student while gaining valuable professional development skills and earning a paycheck by working in front-line positions at Disneyland® Resort. The resort includes: Disneyland, California Adventure, Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier Hotel and Grand California Hotel & Spa.

Important Things to Know  

  • Students must be admitted into the Disney College Program before they can enroll in HRT 451 for the fall quarter (requires a permission number).
  • Students must attend a Disney College Program Information Session or complete an E-Presentation online before they can apply for the program.
  • Apply early because numerous universities participate in the Disney College Program.  The summer-fall cohort typically fills up by the middle of April.
  • HRT 451 is offered in the fall and will work only with the Disney College Program session from mid-June through early January (the summer-fall cohort).
  • Hours worked during the summer portion of the program (June – September 15) may be counted toward an HRT student’s required 800 hours of Professional Work Experience as the student is solely an employee of Disney during the summer.
  • Students enrolled in any HRT internship course receive academic credit, in part, for hours worked.  Therefore, for students enrolling in the fall HRT 451 course, the hours worked from September 16 through the end of the program cannot count toward the required 800 hours of Professional Work Experience.
  • HRT 451 is a 12-unit course that amounts to full-time enrollment.
  • HRT 451 is a pass/fail course.  Students must successfully complete the Disney College Program courses to pass HRT 451.  HRT 451 credit is earned by a combination of passing two required Disney courses and internship hours worked from September 15 through early January.
  • Collins College students enrolled in HRT 451 are not eligible to enroll in any other fall courses.  Those who do will be administratively dropped from HRT 451.
  • If Collins College students join the summer-fall cohort, but do not enroll in HRT 451, they may instead use the hours worked from September 16 through the end of the program to count as part of the required 800 hours of Professional Work Experience.
  • Students cannot enroll in HRT 382 in the spring quarter in preparation for enrolling in HRT 383L in the fall as The Disney College Programrequires Friday availability throughout the program and students in fall HRT 383L sections are unable to meet this requirement.
  • HRT 451 will count as 12 units of elective support, but will not count as a student's HRT 400-level requirement because our faculty do not control the academic rigor of the two Disney courses.

About the Disney College Program

As a part of the Disney College Program at Disneyland® Resort, participants will have the opportunity to develop their strengths and interests, meet Guests and Cast Members from around the country and take part in educational opportunities they just can't get anywhere else.  This truly unique program allows participants to network with Disneyland Resort leaders, take part in personal- and career-development classes, and build transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, Guest service and effective communication.  All participants will work in front-line roles at theDisneyland Resort, including Stores, Attractions, Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Lodging and many more.

Students who attend the Disney College Program in Anaheim will take two courses: Corporate Analysis and Marketing You: Personal and Career Development.

Course Information

HRT 451: Disney Internship Catalog Description

Faculty supervised on-the-job educational experience within a Fortune 100 company: Disney. Student must be accepted by the Disney College Program. Student is also responsible for any materials mandated by Disney. Total internship credits offered are 12 units (Offered only for June-January cohort in Disney College Program).

Prerequisites and Requirements

  • HRT 451 is only open to Collins College (HRT) majors.
  • Permission of department internship coordinator is required.
  • Prerequisites: HRT 101
  • Collins College students must be accepted in the summer-fall Disney College Program.
  • Collins College students accepted in the summer-fall Disney College Program may register for HRT 451 in fall quarter.
  • Collins College students who choose to enroll in HRT 451 are not eligible to register for any other course during the time they are registered for this course.

Expected Outcomes*

Upon completion of the course through his or her work with Disney and the internship coordinator, a student will be able to:

  • Gain hands-on learning experience to complement knowledge acquired in the hospitality courses by the student.
  • Acquire knowledge of the culture, heritage, and business standards of a Fortune 100 company.
  • Learn basic regulatory requirements within Disney’s specific lines of business.
  • Understand the functional interdependencies among the major departments within Disney.
  • Attend two American Council on Education-accredited courses offered by Disney. These will be graded by Disney. The student must submit their reports to the faculty coordinator at Cal Poly Pomona.
  • Disney will require students to check-in with their team leader after one and three months of their internship.
  • Submit a reaction paper at the end of the internship describing the history and background of Disney; the student’s job at Disney; and the relationship of this job with the various courses the student has taken at Cal Poly Pomona.

Texts and Readings*

No textbook is required. However, the student as an employee of Disney must be acquainted with the standards and procedures manuals; and periodicals necessary to effectively perform duties as a trainee. Disney may assign other reading materials to the intern.

Minimum Student Materials*

Qualified employment approved by the Internship Coordinator. Any materials required by Disney are the student’s responsibility.

*The specific requirements of the course will be provided by the instructor of record.*


For more information about HRT 451 email Ann Lara or call her at (909) 869-4149.

For more information about the Disney College Program, contact Christopher Smith at