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Academic Advising

CPP's 2017 Outstanding Advising Program

Drop-In Advising

The Academic Advising Coordinator, Retention & Graduation Specialist, and peer advisors are here to help you in your collegiate journey. Drop-in advising hours and Zoom links can be found here.

Academic Advising Support Updates due to COVID-19 as of 3/8/21

  • Students now have the option to change graded courses to Credit/No Credit. For more information, click here.
  • Laptops are available for students to borrow. Students who need a laptop should email the Office of Student Success at from their CPP email address and include their Bronco ID number.
  • The Office of Student Success also has a limited number of hotspots available and has a link to various free or low-cost Internet resources on the health alert webpage.

Academic Plan

Every Collins College student is highly encouraged to create a complete academic plan and have it reviewed by a staff advisor. Students can use the new CPP Connect Planner to do this. You can get access to that here. 

Making an Appointment with your Staff Advisor

Go CPP Connect to make an appointment with either Kortnee Burrell, Retention and Graduation Specialist, or James Yokoyama, Student Advising Coordinator here.

4-Year Curriculum Sheets/ Road Map 

2018-2019 Curriculum Sheet

2019-2020 Curriculum Sheet

2020-2021 Curriculum Sheet

2021-2022 Curriculum Sheet

Academic Plan Instructions

Choose one of the below course checklists, either 2018-2019, 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 HRT Course Checklist (this depends on which HRT Curriculum Sheet you are under) and your Degree Progress Report to help you complete your academic plan.

Once you are done with your academic plan, contact your staff advisor, Kortnee Burrell or James Yokoyama for them to review it. Contact them if you need any assistance with your plan as well.

Academic Advising Informational Links


Contact Student Advising Coordinator James Yokoyama for any advising questions or concerns.

Academic Holds

Students must take the responsibility to handle all holds. Many holds prevent students from registering until they are addressed and removed by someone on campus. Sometimes a removal can take up to 24 hours. Remember to check again three to four days prior to your enrollment appointment.

At-Risk/Low Good Standing Hold, Probation Hold, or Academic Probation with Contract Hold: Contact Retention and Graduation Specialist Kortnee Burrell.

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