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CPP currently offers over 100 study abroad programs to over 60 countries all around the world. Programs are academically  focused with credit that counts toward  graduation and your degree. Program descriptions can be found throughout each individual program type. 

Other Program Types

Internships Abroad 

Internships abroad allow students to gain work experience in a new culture and earn academic credit. 

Research Abroad 

Research abroad can be done in conjunction with faculty or conducted independently, and can encompass a wide variety of fields. 

Service-Learning Abroad 

Service-learning opportunities usually include partnering with local community organizations and address a variety of social, economic, environmental or health challenges facing the community. 

Independent Study 

An individual learning experience abroad (conferences, seminars, etc.) Students can coordinate directly with faculty or department for these opportunities.   

Programs not sponsored by CPP 

Students may have the option to participate in non-CPP programs administered by other institutions or organizations. Students have to proactively make arrangements with a host program and work closely with the Office of Study Abroad and their academic or faculty advisers to ensure approval and credit transfer. Students pay the host institution or organization directly. 


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