College of Science


Successful students benefit from faculty advising and mentoring

SEES members succeed because they benefit from faculty advising, mentoring and support. The SEES advising period occurs the two weeks leading up to class registration and helps students better prepare for course selection and navigating the curriculum. Below, students can find the procedure by which they can get faculty advising and turn in their SEES Advising worksheet (green sheet) to the SEES office.

Chemistry majors only

Please visit the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department (Rm 8-333) and sign-up for an advising appointment with one of the chemistry faculty. On the day of your advising appointment, take a green SEES Advising worksheet (available in 3-2123) to your appointment. Following the remaining procedure below (Overview).

All majors in SEES


  • Download the Advising Worksheet (PDF)
  • View the Projected Course Listings for your department. They show what courses will be offered in the upcoming quarters.
  • Optional: view your degree progress report on Bronco Direct
  • Fill out the advising worksheet, making sure that the courses you choose to take will BE OFFERED during the quarter you propose to take them (using Projected Course Listings above).
  • Go to your Advisor’s advising hours or ask for an appointment.
  • Give your advisor the filled-out advising sheet and discuss the upcoming year and progress towards your degree.
  • After advising, have your advisor sign your green sheet that you fill out.
  • Students should return the green sheet to the SEES Office (Bldg 3-2123)
  • SEES will then remove the student hold

Thank you SEES members for being the most prepared students in the College of Science during registration!

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