College of Science


In addition to the many research fellowships that SEES awards students, the program has two prestigious scholarships of significance. They are awarded in spring and commemorate the accomplishments of the program's top all-around students. The winners are honored at the SEES Dinner & Scholarship Reception, where we invite back the previous winners of these awards from throughout the years. They represent an impressive and cherished history to the program and we are honored to have been a place they called home. The scholarships are in name of the program's first two directors, Dr. Paul Hiemenz (1987-1999) and Dr. Barbara Burke (1999-2013).

Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz SEES Scholarship

Students, family and friends of SEES founder, Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz, established the scholarship on the occasion of his retirement as a legacy for all the lives he has touched. It honors students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need and qualities of leadership.

Dr. Paul C. Hiemenz

Dr. Barbara A. Burke SEES Scholarship

As a tribute to the tireless effort of Dr. Barbara A. Burke, a scholarship is established to commemorate her dedication to SEES and the countless people she benefited. It honors students who, during their college career, have contributed significantly to improving and enhancing the SEES program.

Dr. Barbara A. Burke