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College of Business Administration

Current Students

The following two sets of advising tools are designed to assist students and their advisors:

  • Curriculum sheets list the core and support courses required for a particular major and suggest general education classes that will result in the most efficient path to a degree in that major.
  • Road maps are a quarter-by-quarter plan of the courses required for a particular major and also include reminders and major-specific advice.

Finance, Real Estate and Law

Curriculum Sheet (PDF) | Road Map (PDF)

Click HERE to view previous years' Curriculum Sheets and Road Maps


Who is my advisor?

      - There are no assigned advisors for the FRL department.

      - You can see any of the FRL faculty for academic advising.


For holds, you can visit any of the following faculty during their scheduled office hours:

        Dr. Eric McLaughlin, 164 – 2024

        Dr. Paul Sarmas, 164 – 2053

        Dr. Alice Sun, 164 – 2057

        Dr. Shady Kholdy*, 164 – 2050A  (*disqualification holds)

Please bring an advising worksheet with you to the advisor. Then have the advisor fill out the advising worksheet with you, and return it back to the FRL Office once it is signed.

Advising worksheets can be picked up in the FRL Office or printed HERE.

FREE FRL 300/301 Tutoring

The FRL department offers free tutoring for FRL 300 and 301. No appointments are necessary.

Attention, students wishing to change their major to FRL:

The next meeting is Wednesday April 29, 2015 at 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm in building 164, room 2033.

The FRL Department now requires students who are changing their major to FRL to attend one CHANGE OF MAJOR MEETING. At this meeting, students must attend and submit their change-of-major petition for their request to be approved. Please fill out your form beforehand to save time in the application process. To obtain the form, please click here or visit the registrar's office online.

If you want to be put on a list to be notified of the next meeting, please email Ana Austin at

If you are unable to attend, please confirm with the department the date of the next meeting.

College of Business Administration Student Success Center:

The Student Success Center (SSC), in Building 164, Room 1060, is designed to help all CBA majors by:

  1. Providing general academic information.
  2. Assisting in the completion/processing of various university forms (e.g., general academic petitions, drop petitions).
  3. Maintaining a supply of most university petitions and forms. Please visit SSC and find out what services it offers.

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