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Academic Planning, Policy, & Faculty Affairs


The mission of the Office of Academic Planning, Policy, and Faculty Affairs is to provide high quality, reliable information and resources to faculty and those units serving faculty, while fostering respect and engagement in faculty success that translates to an environment supporting student success.

Who we are:

The Office of Academic Planning, Policy, and Faculty Affairs (Faculty Affairs) provides a range of services and support to faculty, campus administrators and staff of academic personnel processes, policies and procedures for probationary and tenured faculty, retired faculty (FERP), and lectures. Faculty Affairs provides training and guidance on the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Unit 3 (Faculty) and Unit 11 (Teaching Associates, Graduate Assistants, and Instructional Student Assistants). It is our goal to administer academic employee processes effectively and efficiently and to serve as a resource for faculty throughout their CPP careers. Faculty Affairs provides support, including training and professional development, concerning the following academic employee processes: appointments, including support of the automated appointment process; Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP); lecturer evaluations; faculty salary increase program, including Range Elevations; paid and unpaid leaves of absence including sabbatical and difference-in-pay leaves, and personal leaves; the Faculty Early Retirement program (FERP); immigration and Unit 11 issues. Faculty Affairs seeks to foster harmonious and cooperative labor relations between the university and its academic employees. Faculty Affairs works with academic administrators and academic employees to identify positive methods of addressing and managing a range of issues including employee grievances, performance, evaluations, and discipline in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement, University policies, and relevant laws and regulations. Faculty Affairs also provides support concerning various administrative processes, such as faculty unemployment claims and faculty-related third party document requests, including California Public Record Act requests.