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Additional employment refers to any employment compensated by the CSU, funded by general or non-general funds including CSU auxiliaries, that is in addition to the primary or normal employment of a faculty unit employee.  Additional employment limitations are based on time base, not salary.  A maximum of 125% time base is allowed under certain circumstances.  See CSU Coded Memorandum HR 2002-05  and CSU Coded Memorandum HR/Salary 2015-22 for additional information.  Each academic year, the office of Faculty Affairs will provide a list of faculty members who participate in FERP and/or are on a professional leave to Foundation. The Foundation will block those faculty members’ access to Foundation’s payroll system. Any of those faculty members who want to work on their foundation projects must receive prior approval from the President or Provost before they can start their work.

In accordance with Article 36.5 of the CSU CFA Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), a faculty unit employee shall be allowed a 25% "overage" if one or more of the following applies: (a) consists of employment of a substantially different nature from his/her primary or normal employment; (b) is funded from non-general fund sources; (c) is the result of the accrual of part-time employment on more than one (1) campus; or (d) is necessary to meet a temporary faculty employee’s entitlement to full-time work, or to offer work to a part-time temporary faculty employee up to full-time under provision 12.29 (a)(8) or (b)(8).  However, in no case shall a faculty unit employee’s entitlement to subsequent employment at a campus exceed full-time in any academic term.  Consistent with this language, faculty may be eligible for additional employment as follows:

Academic Year Faculty: Academic Year (Fall & Spring) primary appointment = full-time 1.0 time base, 25% additional time base is possible. Non-work Period (Breaks including Summer) = not in work status; 125% time base possible.

Note: Faculty on sabbatical are still considered to be in a full-time 1.0 time base appointment while on sabbatical leave.  Per Article 27.18 of the CBA, faculty on sabbatical leave may not accept additional and/or outside employment without prior approval of the President.

12 Month Faculty: If on a full-time 1.0 time base appointment for 12 months, 25% additional time base is possible.

Part-time Faculty: May not exceed full-time 1.0 time base appointment at one campus (with exception of 36.5(d) above), but additional time base up to 25% is permitted if it is the result of the accrual of part-time employment on more than one campus.

FERP Faculty: As outlined in provisions 29.8 and 29.9 of the CBA, FERP employment is limited to 90 days or 50% of the employee's regular time base in the year preceding retirement. As a result, FERP faculty are not eligible for other CSU appointments while in FERP, subject to Articles 29.10 and 29.14.

Retired Annuitants: Effective January 1, 2013, a retiree must have a minimum separation of service of 180 calendar days prior to returning to any CalPERS-covered employment without reinstatement and cannot work in excess of 960 hours or 50% of the hours worked in the prior fiscal year of service prior to retirement, whichever is less.

Staff/MPPs: Consult Human Resource Services for further information and restrictions.

A 25% overage over a full-time 1.0 time base equates to 15.0 WTU over the academic year (30 full-time WTU x 25% = 7.5 WTU total).  Please note that the purpose of this spread is to permit variances from semester-to-semester when it may not be possible to provide work that stays exactly within the 25% overage (3.75 WTU) limit per semester.  For example, overages of 3.75 WTU in Fall Semester, and 3.25 WTU in Spring Semester – for a total of 7.5 WTU over the academic year - would be permissible. 

As described in Article 36.5(c) above, part-time employment may be combined from multiple campuses.  This does not apply to full-time temporary or tenure-line faculty.  When calculating part-time employment at multiple campuses, units shall be converted to the same units (e.g., semester or quarter).

Use of Job Code 2403

Beginning Winter Quarter 2017, and consistent with CSU Coded Memorandum HR/Salary 2015-22 above, Job Code 2403 will be used to capture the 25% overage as detailed in the document “2403 New Examples” and “Additional Employment at a Glance.”  As described in “2403 New Examples” and “Additional Employment at a Glance”, please use the following forms for processing additional employment:

  1. 2403 Lecturer Full-Time; or
  2. Faculty – Additional Employment (Job Code) 2403 Exceeding 1.0 Time Base and
  3. Worksheet for completing 2403 special projects; or
  4. Current Job Code 2358 or 2359 Temporary Faculty appointment forms