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Human Resource Services Internship

HRS Internship in the Learning Labs Internship Program

HRS internships will enlighten the interns’ perspective by applying the theory learned in the classroom to real-life circumstances. HRS interns increase their strengthens, knowledge, skills and abilities throughout the program. HRS’ diverse staff is dedicated to the success of this program and strives to enhance the interns’ experience in becoming an HR professional by applying Cal Poly Pomona’s “learn by doing” philosophy. The HRS internship is conveniently located on campus and has flexibility in scheduling internship hours to satisfy the course requirement. Please note, internships through HRS are unpaid and for course credit only. In order to receive course credit, the intern must be enrolled in MHR 441/442 and remain enrolled throughout the duration of the internship.

You are invited to explore the internship webpages. For more information contact:

John I. Gungon

Employment Coordinator, Internship Coordinator