College of Science

Future Students

We're not just a technical college.  We're the complete package.

Dean Brian Jersky was featured on a segment of Time Warner Cable’s Local Edition, currently available on YouTube.

Jersky said the College of Science is the fastest growing college at Cal Poly Pomona, and has increased its students by 50% in the last six years.

He continues by saying our students are the great part of working at the university. He went on to discuss diversity on campus.

“Historically the perception of more men are in STEM fields is definitely true, but we are changing that,” continues Jersky. “We are 55% male to 45% female compared to 20 years ago where it was 80% male to 20% female.  We are opening the doors of opportunity that were once closed.”

He also added that many Cal Poly Pomona graduates are working at great companies, such as Boeing, Google and JPL, and many have gone on to become doctors or veterinarians.

“More and more students will be going into STEM,” said Jersky when asked about science in the next five years.  “We are not just a technical college, we are the complete package. Our students come out with an appreciation of ethics, good language skills and working with teams.”