Dahlia & James

I met the love of my life at CPP and we are now going on 11 years of marriage, 1 child, and started our own company in the field we studied at CPP. We actually met because we had multiple classes together 1 quarter.

Class of 2012! Go Broncos!

Brian & Valentina

We first met by the business building. That was her major, but not mine.
We were at the Japanese garden, and thought it'd be nice if we were together, but we weren't.
We would talk in the BSC, but this time, we decided to make it official.
We married years later on the same date, and it was during the pandemic. We couldn't have a wedding, but we had each other.
We are often busy now with our son, but still enjoy making new memories at Cal Poly Pomona.

Eduardo & Rikki

My name is Ed, my wife Rikki (Smith) and I were both architecture students in the late 1980's - early 90's. I had taken notice of Rikki a few times in the ENV Bldg but I did not know if we were in the same program as we shared the bldg with Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture students as well.

Our fateful first meeting occurred while we were studying abroad in 1990, we met at the lobby of the Sorbonne University dormitories where we were staying while studying in Paris. I was soaked from head to toe as I was the last to arrive to our destination and I was walking in a rainstorm with a wet map trying to locate the dormitory. I believe she made fun of me for being drenched and the 'conversation' began... our 'conversation' grew from beautiful locale to locale, taking in the architectural wonders, embracing the local cultures and the wonderful journeys via trains and ferry's. We traveled from France (our friendship was established) to Italy (Venezia was the location of our first kiss), to Athens, Greece where the long studio hours led to a deeper understanding of who we were as people and what we wanted from our respective careers and future as a whole.

After 1 month of knowing each other, while our friends were enjoying a concert at the Acropolis, Rikki and I walked across to The Aeropagus where the locals would sit and enjoy the Athenian sunset and city lights, as well as, those of the lit up Parthenon at our backs. The dynamic of the beauty of the location, the laughter and music of the locals, created a moment that was surreal and one that needed to be 'captured', at that moment, I got on one knee and proposed to her.. to my surprise, she said yes.

This was chapter one of our 'book', I graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture degree in 1991 and Rikki was a dual major graduating in 1993 with bachelor degrees in Architecture and Civil Engineering. We got married in 1994, we will be celebrating our 30 years of marriage this December 2024. Rikki is a Senior Constuction Manager specializing in academic facilities and I am a Tenured Professor within the Design Dept. at CSULB. We have 3 amazing kids: Jacqui (Barone), who is an RN and married in New Mexico: Erik who is a professional trainer and coach at The UFC Gym in Torrance, and Jakob who works for UPS and is also the Strength, Fitness, and Conditioning Coach for the baseball program at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. We have 2 furbabies: Mookie and Boba and we are die hard LA Dodger and LA Charger fans! Thank you for your time - here's the next 30 years! Opa!

Elyssia & Joshua

I met my girlfriend Elyssia in front of the Starbucks on campus while I was working. I was passing out flyers on the behalf of the BRIC/Campus Rec when I saw her. I smoothly talked about water polo and she listened intently even though she had absolutely no interest. She's from AZ. and im local from Chino Hills. I graduated with a degree in TOM during COVID & she ended up working before finishing. Long story short, after 8 years & 3 years of dating, we are engaged.

Kathy & Chuck

My husband of 45 years and I met while attending Cal Poly Pomona in the 70’s. I was a Home Economics Major and he was in the Engineering Department. I would bake him cookies in the classroom and then sit outside his classroom to share the cookies with him when he came out.

We only attended one class together and that was softball. When the coach handed out our grades he was horrified to see he got a “B” fearing that I would have gotten a “C”. We had a big laugh when I told him I got an “A”.

In our free time we would climb back in the hills where the avocado trees were and help ourselves. Whenever we went out on a date it was a “dutch date” where we split the cost because both of us were starving students and we paid our own way through college.

Kipp Love Story

My husband and I met at Cal Poly Pomona back around 2006 through his roommate and friend. I was an active member of Zeta Tau Alpha and he was an active member of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

We’re celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary in March and our daughter is 4 years old!

Melinda Love Story

Thought I’d Share our story!

Wasn’t much of a coffee drinker so I never really hit up Starbucks but one morning in 2015 I accompanied my friend for her morning coffee & myyyyy God I wish I had been in earlier because I saw thee cutest guy working behind the bar.
A few months filled with many Starbucks orders passed and some casual normal stalking later we began to date.

Long story short…

We got married October 2022 and are now expecting our first baby <3 Thank You CPP!

*Fun fact: he modeled for one of your guy’s banners you put in from of the bronco bookstore (his only modeling gig hahah)

Olivia & Isaac

Technically, we met on Tinder in the Summer of 2021, but the first thing I said to her was "Hi! I see you go to CPP too!".
After our first date, we drove by the campus and I attempted to show her how to ride a skateboard.
Eventually, Olivia and I began hanging out during our breaks on campus, and our relationship with one another blossomed.
We still talk about how we used to take turns bringing each other lunch.
I majored in psychology and graduated in 2022, and she majored in animal science and graduated in 2023.
Now we are working on building our careers and completing our grad school applications.

Laura & Ramyar

My husband, Ramyar Jafarkhani and I first started dating the day after Valentine’s Day 2003. We were both attending Cal Poly Pomona. We met through a mutual friend on campus. He was in the CIS program and I was in the Collins School of Hospitality Management. We even got to take the Wine and Spirits Class at the Collins school together with Margie Jones!
We knew right away that we were meant to be. We got married in 2006 and now have 3 boys ages 13, 8 and 6. Thank you Cal Poly Pomona for bringing us together!


Robert & Sheryl

So this is us...

Sheryl and I met at Cal Poly Pomona in parking lot B back in October 2008. After 5 months of hanging out, she finally agreed to be my girlfriend during a walk after class behind the Bronco Student Center and we dated for 6 years before we got engaged.

Sheryl was 3 years ahead of me, so once she graduated with her degree in Kinesiology in 2011, she worked full time to help me finish school. I had joined Air Force ROTC by this time, so I was driving back and forth from Cal State San Bernardino where the program was. I finally finished my degree at CPP in Business Management and commissioned into the Air Force in June of 2014. Two months later Sheryl and I were married in August 2014 and moved to Vandenberg AFB later that month. We've been married for 9.5 years now and have two amazing beautiful children.

We've lived all over the country, having spent some years in North Dakota, Montana, back here in California again, and Alabama soon. Sheryl works from home managing her two small businesses and part time travel agent. We've made it to the CPP Pumpkin Patch for the past three years in a row and will miss it until we make our way back home one day!

Uriel & Yuridiana

My wife and I met at Cal Poly Pomona in 2008 and are now married with three kids. 

Taylor & Robin

My now husband and I met at CPP. We had the same major: Agribusiness Management, where we took a lot of the same classes and participated in our major’s club. We didn’t have a conventional beginning though. We had a leadership class together and had a group project that we were (supposed to be) working on. He was talking with another group member about something completely unrelated and I was trying to get us back on track since we had to present to the rest of the class. He waved me off and said he’d handle the presentation and to not worry about it. So I did just that. However, when it came time to present, he got up, stated that there was good conversation with our group, and then to my horror “passed it off” to me. So I scrambled and presented, but as you can imagine, was furious!! Not sure how we ended up dating after that but fast forward - we both graduated in 2014, were engaged in 2019, got married in 2020, and just had our first child 1/4/2024!

Catherine & Riley

We actually met through a mutual friend, another Bronco who persuaded us to join club leadership with them. Then the pandemic hit and everything moved online.
We spent most of our time together on Discord and were soon organizing small allegedly-platonic outings like going to a drive in theater to see a movie (pandemic times, right?) and eventually, Catherine knew she needed Riley in her life as more than just a friend, and Riley was more than happy to say yes. Just over 3 years later, we’re now happily engaged and looking forward to a beautiful future together.

Dana & Alex

We Initially met at Cal Poly Pomona during our freshman year (Fall of 2016) in Professor Casey's English
class. Little did we know how special we would become to one another in the future. Professor Casey encouraged us to connect with our other classmates. After class that day Alex decided to ask for my number. He then proceeded to ask me to go to lunch with him (sadly I turned down the invitation since I had other commitments). I did remember he would also walk me to my car even if it made him little late for his next class; he would then run off to try to make it on time. Although we did not begin a relationship during that time, Alex left a positive impression on me, that would make the difference in the years to come.
About 4 years later in March 2021, with no contact since freshman year, we noticed each other online on Facebook Messenger and I casually told my sister about him that night. The next night, Alex coincidentally decided to reply to my last message from 2017! It seemed crazy that we had both thought about each other around the same time! A lot had changed in that time but we decided to meet up later that month when he visited home from the Air Force. I had since graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2020. We met, we laughed, and the rest was history. We have since been together in a long distance relationship for two and a half years.
In July 2023, Alex and I planned to visit the CPP campus together (since we hadn't been there together since we met in 2016!) We walked past the English building where we met and made a couple of stops along our way towards the rose garden. Once we reached the gazebo at the rose garden, Alex spoke to me and then got down on one knee and proposed to me! And after he proposed, I heard a group of people start to clap and cheer. When I turned around, to my surprise I realized that it was actually a group of our close family and friends who Alex had invited to witness our proposal! (I couldn't believe how well they all had been hiding behind the business building!) I was overcome with emotion.
As we make plans for our future, we still love to reminisce on these memories. We have learned that Love is sometimes hidden in the places one least expects and we'll always be thankful that we were able to meet during our time at Cal Poly Pomona.❤️