Framework for the Strategic Plan

The Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering Strategic Plan was developed through an inclusive and collaborative process involving the Cal Poly Pomona leadership and college deans, department chairs, faculty and staff, department industry advisory groups, area community colleges, and most importantly, engineering students.

In December 2017, the CoE launched the Strategic Planning initiative and formed a Strategic Planning Committee with all department chairs.

In early spring 2018, the committee expanded to include faculty and staff volunteers. The committee gathered and analyzed feedback from:

  • Organizational Culture Inventory survey
  • Organizational Effectiveness Inventory
  • 10 focus groups
  • Over a dozen one-on-one and group interviews with key stakeholders.

In fall 2018, the committee and faculty and staff volunteers started work on the implementation of short-term strategic projects using the strategy discipline of Strategic Doing. Volunteer teams learned to link and leverage resources in networks and practice Learn by Doing methods to move quickly into action and adjusting along the way, but always with a focus on the vision and desired goal.

Read the full plan here at Strategic Plan 2025

Resources for Faculty and Staff