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2021 Bronco Startup Challenge

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what is the bsc

Who Is Behind the Bronco Startup Challenge?
Cal Poly students, staff & mentors.
Dr. Ozkaya and Cal Poly students from his Entrepreneurial Marketing class (BUS 4990) are the organizers behind the Bronco Startup Challenge. With his industry experience in marketing, Dr. Ozkaya uses this opportunity to teach students how to plan, manage, and operate a major event that relies on their contributions. In addition to Dr. Ozkaya, Gary Bohamed (CEO of EMBO, LLC) and Jayson Yardley (CEO of Avadyne Health) collaborate with the organizing team to share their knowledge, experience, and guidance to ensure the Bronco Startup Challenge lives up to everyone’s expectations.

Benefits of Competing

  • Gain the opportunity and experience creating a business model and developing a business plan
  • Gain hands-on experience working one on one with mentors by receiving advice, tips, and mentorship throughout the Bronco Startup Challenge Competition
  • Gain significant familiarity with primary/secondary market research and the process of conducting feasibility studies
  • Gain considerable experience working as part of a team
  • Opportunity to develop/grow their organizational and communication skills
Next steps
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