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Liberal (arts) education is the model for most education in the U.S. The word “liberal" refers to the notion of free or independent thinking—the desired quality for citizens in a democracy since Greek times. Regardless of career choice, strong independent thinking is the basis for performing well and adapting to new contexts and changes. 

We offer 4 Liberal Studies program options or subplans:

  • General Studies
  • Pre-Credential Teaching
  • Integrated Teacher Education Program for mild/moderate special education
  • Integrated Teacher Education Program for moderate/severe special education

See the comparison chart in the right margin to learn how options are similar or different.

For more detail on the specific courses for each option, go to this webpage and locate the 2021-22 curriculum sheet for the option you are interested in.

Our program cultivates passionate, purposeful students who make a difference, from classrooms, to boardrooms, to community spaces, to local activism efforts.

Students take 10 core courses with Liberal Studies faculty in addition to courses from other departments across the university.

General Studies

Pre-Credential Teaching

ITEP in Special Education (Mild/Moderate)

ITEP in Special Education (Mod/Severe)

The 4 LS Pathways share the core liberal arts experience

Regardless of option, students experience curated coursework across the liberal arts (like arts and humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences) to gain high-caliber problem-solving and transferable skills for life and work.

While in our program, students are able to conduct research and advocacy, create research projects and works of art, and develop projects and serve the community to transform the society and the environment around them.