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Considering changing your major to Liberal Studies? Take the following steps to help make your decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, you cannot schedule an appointment to see an academic advisor until you are officially a LS major. CEIS College Advisors sometimes have drop-in hours, those you can attend as long as it is not during a registration period.

Yes. Completing the form only indicates your intention. It will remain “on hold” until after the info session and you indicate your final decision. We remove all change of major forms "on hold" two weeks after each info session date. If you attended a session and decided to change at a later time, submit the form again. Before it can be approved,  email notifying her of:

  • the date you attended the information session, and
  • that you now what to be considered as a change of major.

Assuming your GPA is 2.0 and above, she will verify your attendance and forward the form.

We don’t recommend it. In the event you attend the info session and decide not to become a major, you are strapped with a course that likely will not count toward another major. In the future, this will change and only LS majors will be able to take LS courses. At which time, the answer will be 'no.'

It depends. It is best to make an appointment with the department chair to discuss your situation. Contact to make an appointment with Dr. Christina Chavez-Reyes. Come prepared to make your case for why becoming a Liberal Studies major is best for you and a plan for how you intend to increase your GPA.

It’s great that you have found where you want to contribute! Here are the steps to change your major:
  1. Meet with Dr. Love, the CEIS career counselor liaison, to discuss the skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience you need for your new career path.
  2. View the change-of-major requirements for the major you want.  Here is the Student Success Office Change-of-Major Guide for other information and a change-of-major tool to find the requirements. Don't worry if you do not have everything you need right now. You can work at it and change when you do.
It is important to get good information to make the best decision. Changing a major can affect your time to graduation. Seek help from an academic advisor to help determine any change in how long it will take to graduate. 
3. Meet with a faculty advisor in the new department. Search for the department contact office using Bronco 411 Directory or find the department webpage. That advisor might help you make a plan to transition to the new major
4. Complete the Change of Major E-form once all requirements are met
5. Start your new major!
 Email to get help or answers to questions from an academic advisor.