Liberal Studies

Advising & Mentoring

Liberal Studies majors connect with the College of Education & Integrative Studies Student Success Center for advising and registration questions.

There you can meet with an advisor, find out about services, and learn about upcoming workshops.

At the CEIS Student Success Center you will meet your College Advisor, who will help you with the detailed nuts and bolts of completing your degree.

College Advisors help with detailed academic questions like:

  • Your academic plan for graduation
  • Submitting petitions and appeals
  • Recommendations on courses
  • Updating your academic plan
  • Clearing advising holds
  • Transfer credits

College Advisors

Marlene Melinte

College Advisor

Berlinda Crawford

College Advisor

Faculty Advising 

In the Liberal Studies Department, Liberal Studies Faculty Advisors are also here to help you navigate your educational experience in a big-picture way. LS Faculty help with general career path and educational journey and wellbeing questions like:

  • Career aspiration discussions
  • Graduate school aspirations
  • Strategies for success
  • Mentoring 
See this What Liberal Studies Faculty Advisors Do For You infographic for more detail. 

Liberal Studies Faculty Advisors

Dr. Estela Ballón (Student's Last Name: A-Es)


Dr. Christina Chávez-Reyes (Student's Last Name: Eu-Lo)

Professor and Department Chair

Dr. Karen Langlois (Student's Last Name: Lu-Re)


Dr. Teresa Lloro

Associate Professor

Dr. Maya Stovall

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jeff Roy

Assistant Professor