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General Advising

All graduate students are strongly encouraged to read and be familiar with the Graduate Student Handbook, and the Graduate Studies website, which contain most rules and regulations pertaining to your degree.


At the begin of each academic year, faculty from the Department of Economics meet with all graduate students in a General Advising Meeting to discuss their progress in the program and possible problems. Also new students are introduced to the current graduate students. You will receive an email invitation to this orientation sometime in August.


Before Meeting with your Adviser

Before you see your adviser, please make a study plan, print the study plan, and bring it to your advising meeting. By the 2nd semester, every student must meet with the graduate coordinator to make a graduate contract.


All economics graduate students are encouraged to seek out advice from any member of the graduate committee.  This includes Dr. Kerr (graduate coordinator), Dr. Lange, Dr. Whu, and Dr. Ngyuen.




Academic Probation

A postbaccalaureate student shall be placed on Probation if at any time the cumulative grade point

average in all postbaccalaureate level course work attempted or cumulative grade point average for

postbaccalaureate course work attempted at Cal Poly Pomona falls below 3.0. The student shall be

promptly notified in writing of their probation status.


The first time a postbaccalaureate student's cumulative grade point average in either

postbaccalaureate course work attempted at Cal Poly Pomona or for all postbaccalaureate course

work attempted overall falls below 3.0 they shall be placed on academic probation, even in

circumstances where their GPA falls below the Probation with Contract thresholds as described under

section 3.0 of this policy.