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Economics Department

Entrance Preparation


From High School

The California State University System has requirements for all incoming freshmen and these apply to all applicants, including those who intend to major in Economics:

Additional Courses in the following areas are highly recommended:

  • Statistics
  • Math (many students complete Calculus in High School, then take it again in College)
  • Economics (ideally an AP or IB course).
  • Computer Programming (if offered) and or Applications Software Proficiency
  • Accounting (if offered) 


From Community College

Community college transfers are urged to  complete all required lower division course offered at their college, including Micro and Macro-economic Principles, Statistics, Calculus, and Accounting . Ideally, students will complete an Associate Degree for Transfer:


ALEKS Placement Program 

The Economics Quantitative option requires students to take the ALEKS PPL Assessment for math placement prior to a student's orientation date. Only students who are in the CSU Math Category of 1, 2, or 2C are eligible to test. Please refer to the ALEKS webpage for more information.