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Master of Science in Economics Program

The Master of Science in Economics Program (MS) was established by the Economics Department in 1967 to offer intensive education in economic theory and quantitative analysis. 36 semester-units are required to complete the degree. Students are trained in core courses and fields that make them job-ready or prepare them for a Ph.D. program as they graduate with state-of-the-art skills and knowledge.

Preparation classes in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Quantitative Analysis are offered in order to smooth the transition to graduate-level economics. This particularly benefits students with degrees outside of economics or those who graduated many years ago. Preparation courses can be counted towards the required 36 semester-units.

Additionally, all students will take the four core courses:

  • EC 5550 (Graduate Microeconomics)
  • EC 5551 (Graduate Macroeconomics)
  • EC 5552 (Graduate Econometrics I)
  • EC 5553 (Graduate Econometrics II)

The program offers graduate classes in specialized subjects including Money and Capital Markets, International Trade and Finance, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, and Economic Planning. As a cumulative experience, students complete a research project that demonstrates their abilities to future employers or Ph.D. programs. Graduate courses are offered in the evening to accommodate working professionals. The program is designed to allow most students to earn their degree in 4 semesters.