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Below are frequently asked questions (click to see answers):

Students may apply at most 12 units of 4000 level coursework toward satisfaction of the degree. Almost all EC 4000 level courses can be counted. The following 4000 level courses cannot be counted EC 4400, 4401, 4402, 4403, 4462, 4463. Students may also not count 4000 level courses if they have already taken the 6000 level course of the same topic.

Prior to taking any graduate level courses, students must complete all conditions listed in the course description. The following courses are frequently included: EC5501 Graduate Prep for Microeconomics (for EC 5550), EC 5503 Prep Macroeconomics (for EC 5551). EC 5502 Prep Econometrics (for EC 5552).

No, a student must not re-enroll in the class in which they received an Incomplete grade. The student must complete the work assigned by their instructor, then based on the results of then completed work, the instructor will change the grade.

A contract between the student and the department defining what classes will be taken to complete the program. This way you can make sure that the courses you are planning to take will count towards your degree. A graduate contract should be made by the student and the graduate coordinator by the student’s second semester of enrollment in the program. Until the contract is finalized, a hold will be placed on students' registration.

If a student's GPA goes below 3.0, s/he will be placed on probation and will be required to meet with the graduate coordinator and fill out a probation contract.  If the student’s GPA is not raised above 3.0 in the required time, s/he might be Subject to Disqualification, meaning s/he will be disqualified from the program and must reapply.

If you are not enrolled for more than 1 semester you will be automatically disqualified.  However, you can petition for a leave of absence before you exceed the 1 semester.

For students who choose to complete a thesis, they can find information on the Economics website. It is located on the study guide PDF under "Guidelines for Master's Thesis."