English & Modern Languages


Welcome to Cal Poly Pomona. The University is committed to preparing students to communicate effectively in whatever career path they might choose. We know that students arrive with a diverse set of experiences in writing, so the EML department offers two options to meet the University's General Education Area A2 requirement in Written Communication:

  • a two-semester sequence of courses (ENG 1100: Stretch Composition I + ENG 1101: Stretch Composition II)
  • a one-semester course (ENG 1103: First-Year Composition)

Placement into these courses is based on the results of our Directed Self-Placement (DSP) survey, which factors in students' previous coursework, standardized test scores, CSU multiple measures placement category, and experiences with and attitudes about reading and writing. For more information, see the Directed Self-Placement page.

Both options have the same learning outcomes, but the two-course sequence offers students additional time to read and write. For more information, see the Composition Courses page.

If you started Composition on quarters but did not complete it before semester conversion, see the Information for Current Students page.

And if you have any questions about the Composition Program, please contact the Coordinator, Dr. Kristin Prins