English & Modern Languages


Harvest International

Harvest is a student-run collective that cultivates CPP students’ diverse literary voices to inspire and support the campus community. It does so by managing a website (https://harvestinternation.wixsite.com/website) and producing a biannual digital journal (Harvest International), a quarterly zine (Tuesday at 11:00), and an annual poetry reading. Work is published in English, French, German, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Students who want to participate in these endeavors can enroll in ENG 4401A: Journal Publishing. Reach out to a faculty advisor for more details.

Faculty advisors:
Dr. Marta Albalá Pelegrín
Dr. Daan Pan
Dr. Aaron DeRosa
Dr. Liam Corley

Pomona Valley Review

Pomona Valley Review is an online literary journal that receives submissions from numerous countries, universities, and freelancers across the globe in the fields of poetry, short fiction, and art, offering members of the literary community a diverse space for reading, writing, and publishing across diverse genres and styles. Over the past fifteen years, the journal has evolved into a (post)modern publication where the editors seek to experience the work of different communities and expressions, of different backgrounds and aesthetics, and most of all, of the new, the complex, the partially exposed, the unknown.

Access the journal and additional information here: https://www.pomonavalleyreview.com.