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Careers in English

No matter what your career goals are, you should develop a career plan through research, career counseling, volunteering, and internships. The Cal Poly Pomona Career Center is a good resource for formulating such a plan. Your major advisor is also a great source of information on jobs directly related to English.

Career information & advice


Planning carefully for your post-graduation life can give you more options, and the best aid in doing that may be a book. Some titles include:

  • George Anders, You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Power of a "Useless" Liberal Arts Education
  • Katharine Brooks, You Majored in What?: Designing Your Path from College to Career (2017 ed)
  • Alyssa W. Christensen, From Graduation to Career Ready in 21 Days: A Guide for English Majors
  • Sheila J. Curran & Suzanne Greenwald, Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Graduates: Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career
  • Julie DeGalan & Stephen Lambert, Great Jobs for English Majors (3rd ed)
  • Timothy Lemire, I'm an English Major Now What? How English Majors Can Find Happiness, Success, and a Real Job
  • Shelley O’Hara, What Can You Do with a Major in English: Real People, Real Jobs, Real Rewards
  • Mark William Roche, Why Choose the Liberal Arts?

Job opportunities from corporations and non-profits