English & Modern Languages

Applied Language Studies Major

Students who major in the Applied Language Studies option will focus on the scientific study of the uniquely human phenomenon that is language and on the everyday concerns related to language use. Courses teach the structural organization of languages, the mental processes involved in language acquisition and use, the ways in which humans learn additional languages in and out of the classroom, and the interaction between language and society—to name just a few directions of linguistic inquiry.

The curriculum follows a pattern of increasing complexity and specialization, from the introduction to the field of linguistics, to the foundational courses in language acquisition and structure, to the specialized seminars in applied linguistics. The option culminates in the capstone course, in which students conduct a guided independent research project on a linguistic topic of their choice.

For specific information about requirements, including General Education, consult the Degree Curriculum Sheet linked at right for your curriculum year. For questions, please see an Applied Language Studies advisor.

Major Core Courses

  • ENG 1000: English and Modern Languages First Year Experience
  • ENG 2200: Introduction to English Linguistics
  • ENG 2300: American Literature to 1865 —or— ENG 2320: American Literature Since 1865
  • ENG 2330: Introduction to Multicultural Literature in the U.S.
  • ENG 2510: British Literature I —or— ENG 2520: British Literature II
  • ENG 2710: World Literature I —or— ENG 2720: World Literature II
  • a 2000-level Foreign Language course
  • ENG 3000: Introduction to Literary Studies
  • ENG 3150: Advanced Expository Writing
  • ENG 3151: Writing for the Professions
    ENG 3210: The Grammar of Modern English
  • a Polytechnic Experience course (choose 1):
    • any subject-relevant course with an S-classification (service course)
    • ENG 3120: Professional Editing
    • ENG 3144A: Creative Writing: World-Building
    • ENG 4230: Teaching English Abroad
    • ENG 4400A: Writing for the Web Activity
    • ENG 4401A: Journal Publishing Activity
    • ENG 4402: Undergraduate Research
    • ENG 4410: Internship Cooperative Education
    • ENG 4411: English Education Teaching Practicum
    • ENG 4895: Careers for English Majors 

Applied Language Studies Required Courses

  • ENG 3211: Structure of Language
  • ENG 3212: Language Acquisition
  • ENG 4650: Applied Language Studies Capstone Seminar

Applied Language Studies Electives

Linguistics: choose 5

  • ENG 4210: The History of the English Language
  • ENG 4211: Fundamentals of Syntax
  • ENG 4220: Language in Society
  • ENG 4221: Analysis of Conversation
  • ENG 4222: Applied Pragmatics
  • ENG 4230: Teaching English Abroad

Foreign Language: take 1

  • an additional GER/CHN/FRE/SPN course at the 2000 level or higher

Unrestricted Electives

  • 4–6 unrestricted elective courses (see Degree Curriculum Sheet)

Note: Majors are encouraged to pursue a minor of their choice to meet the Unrestricted Electives requirement. Minors in Spanish, Chinese, French, Psychology, Ethnic & Women’s Studies, Journalism, Anthropology, Computer Science, Public Relations, or Business may be particularly interesting and useful.