Minor in Chinese

A Chinese minor provides a distinct competitive edge to students in many different majors—from Business to Engineering to Hospitality. It can likewise open the door to rewarding study abroad experiences at universities in China.

Required Chinese Courses (15 units)

  • CHN 2111: Intermediate Chinese I (requires basic knowledge of the language)
  • CHN 2112: Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHN 2113: Intermediate Chinese III
  • CHN 3410: Chinese Civilization and Culture —or— ENG 4740: Chinese Civilization and Culture
  • CHN 4990: Special Topics for Upper Division Students

Electives (3 units: choose 1)

  • HST 3301: China to 1127
  • HST 3302: China 1127–1644
  • HST 3303: China 1644–1927

For questions or to get started on your Chinese minor, please contact a Chinese advisor.