English & Modern Languages


Minor in French

The official working language (with English) of many international organizations, including the UN, French has a long history as the lingua franca of diplomacy, culture and the arts worldwide. Large parts of Africa and the Americas speak French today. French political involvement in Russia, Latin America, Western Europe, North America, parts of Africa, and parts of Southeast Asia has decisively influenced the cultures and politics of these regions. French cuisine, literature, music, dance, and political philosophy have shaped the modern world. Because of this history, the French minor complements many fields, from Hospitality Management to History, Political Science, Art History, International Business, and beyond.

One year of elementary college level French (FRE 1111 or 1112) or the equivalent (two years of high school French, etc.) is required for admission in to the minor.

Required Courses

  • FRE 2111: Intermediate French
  • FRE 2112: Intermediate French Reading
  • FRE 2113: Intermediate French Composition and Conversation
  • FRE 3210: Readings in French and Francophone Literature
  • FRE 3410: French Civilization
  • FRE 3420: Contemporary France