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To see a full listing of the courses we offer in German, see the CPP Catalog. (Not all courses are offered every semester.)

German Studies for the Professions Certificate

The EML Certificate Program in German Studies for the Professions offers students an opportunity to develop spoken and written competency in German, and to acquire a broad introduction to various aspects of culture, business, arts, politics, history and economics in areas where German is spoken. The program is designed for students who intend to pursue a career in the private or public sectors, for which knowledge of German and the command of the language are useful or necessary, and also for students who intend to pursue a graduate program in which such knowledge and competency are required.

Courses taken to meet the requirements of the EML German Studies certificate program may also be used simultaneously, where applicable, to meet General Education requirements.

Student must have elementary-level knowledge of German. To complete the certificate requirements successfully, students must maintain a B or better average in the language courses.

Certificate Requirements

Note: Students may take appropriate equivalent online courses at other CSUs.