Geography and Anthropology

Careers in Anthropology

Employment opportunities open to anthropologists are almost as diverse as the subject matter of the discipline itself. Recent graduates with bachelor's degrees in anthropology have taken positions in areas as varied as advertising, journalism, radio and television, public relations, purchasing, sales, travel and tourism, government service, business management, personnel service, police work, military intelligence, science writing, community and international development, and marketing. With additional training beyond the bachelor's degree, anthropologists are qualified for and find employment in various healthassistance or legal-assistance occupations, primary or secondary teaching, and medical or dental technology.

Anthropologists who continue their education through graduate school, and receive a master's degree or doctorate in anthropology or a related field at another institution, qualify for professional careers in such areas as higher education, public administration, counseling, environmental health, public health, library science, museum science, city management, city planning, government service, business administration, international business, or social or environmental research. Some anthropology graduates move on to law school or medical or veterinary school, and pursue a career in one of these areas. Due to the broad-based training that a degree in anthropology provides, anthropology graduates typically find their degree to be an ideal launching platform for career opportunities in innumerable occupational areas.

Jobs in Anthropology

We will be working on this section soon. Here are a few links that should be helpful. One clue to productive job searches outside the academic field of anthropology is not to enter "anthropology" as job type; many employers don't recognize it as a specific kind of work. Rather, you should put social science, research and training, communications, or human resources. For instance, the federal government hires anthropologists, but if you enter "anthropology" in the job field in USJobs, you won't come up with anything.