Geography and Anthropology

Geography Program

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Bachelor of Science in Geography

The Geography degree program is designed to provide an understanding of humankind’s cultural and physical environments by examining the dynamic systems (both natural and human) through which these diverse settings are changed or sustained. Students majoring or minoring in Geography analyze social and environmental change as they affect local areas and regions and compare solutions which have been attempted in various parts of the world. Attention is given to the relationships between population use of resources and environmental and social impacts in rural and urban settings.

Majors may choose any of three options:  the Geospatial Analysis option which focuses on technical aspects; the Environmental Studies option, emphasizing applied environmental aspects; and the Geographic Studies option, blending physical, cultural, and regional geography courses with fieldwork. 

Training in this major provides a broad and suitable background for careers requiring an understanding of peoples, groups, and their cultural and regional institutions. Careers specifically related to this program include government employment in various capacities, secondary school teaching, and positions in international or multicultural capacities in business and management. Preparation for graduate training in this discipline is also offered to majors.