Geography and Anthropology


Students in the Department of Geography and Anthropology are encouraged to meet any department faculty in your discipline for advising needs on career and graduate school related topics. Faculty Information can be found on the Faculty & Staff page.

For academic plans, class choices, and class petition related advising needs, please contact or make an appointment in CPP connect with your discipline coordinator: 

Anthropology Discipline Coordinator: Dr. Katherine Kinkopf (

Geography Discipline Coordinator: Dr. Kristen Conway-Gomez  (

Students can also contact Department Chair Dr. Kelly Huh ( or department Administrative Support Coordinator Remi Burton ( for any major or department related questions.

Please visit the CLASS Student Success Center (The Academic Advisor for Geography and Anthropology is Jessica Rojas-Avellaneda ) for assistance with

  • General Advising
  • Review Degree Progress Report (DPR) & Transfer Credit Report (TCR)
  • California Promise Advising
  • Answer Orientation, Registration, & Graduation Questions
  • Petition Assistance
  • Advise Students with Holds – At-Risk, Probation, Probation with Contract

Curriculum Sheets & Road Maps

To see curriculum sheets and roadmaps by academic year please click here.

Projected Course Offerings

For projected course offerings for Anthropology and Geography click here

CPP Connect

Please visit the Student Success page for information on how to set up appointments and working with CPP Connect.

Petitions and E-Forms

All academic petitions and forms have to be submitted electronically. These petitions can be accessed from the Registrars Office Website.

Faculty Office Hours