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For Department Advising:

Advisor Assignment

Advisors are assigned based on students' last names as listed below.  Students may request a deviation from the assignment.  For continuing students, students or faculty can request to keep the same assignment from the previous year(s) if the list below is different from the original assignment.

To request a deviation from the list below, please email the department Administrative Support Coordinator (Remi Burton reburton@cpp.edu) for the change and copy the faculty you choose to be your advisor. 

If your advisor is on leave during a particular semester or is not available when you have a time sensitive advising need, please contact department chair (Dr. Kristen Conway-Gomez kconwaygomez) or any advisors on the list below to determine who can help you.  Please also contact the department chair if you have advising needs during the summer.  Advisors’ contact info is listed at the faculty-staff page.

For Anthropology Majors

Advisor                                                   Student Last Name starts with:

Dr. Mark Allen:                                       A

Dr. James Blair                                        B through F

Dr. Amy Dao                                           G through L

Dr. Claudia Garcia - Des Lauriers:         M through R

Dr. Katherine Kinkopf:                           S through Z


For Geography Majors

Advisor                                            Student Last Name starts with:

Dr. Kristen Conway-Gomez:           A through F

Dr. Gabriel Granco:                         G through M

Dr. Kelly Huh:                                 N through Z

Dr. Lin Wu:                                     Off Campus Spring 2021