Geography and Anthropology

Anthropology Assessment


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) are designed to identify and measure the learning students acquire in and outside the classroom at the university. 

Anthropology Program and Student Learning Outcome

(Updated Fall 2023)

Table presenting five Program Learning Outcome items and the Student Learning Outcome items associated with each Program Learning Outcome.

Program Learning Outcome 

Student Learning Outcome 

PO #1 Students will ​​apply the scientific method, either by descriptive, qualitative, or quantitative means in anthropological research design and study 


SLO 1a: ​​Students will ​​generate hypotheses or research questions

SLO 1b: Students will ​​identify appropriate anthropological methods in research design​​ ​​ 

SLO 1c:  Students will ​​implement multiple anthropological methods in research study 

PO #2 Students will ​​​assess biological​​​, cultural, and archaeological aspects of human existence using a holistic perspective 



SLO 2a: Students will ​​analyze different types of anthropological data 

SLO 2b: Students will​​ integrate ​biological, cultural, linguistic, and archaeological evidence into their understanding of human existence​ 

PO #3 Students will connect structures of power with diverse cultural values 

SLO 3a: Students will ​​identify cultural values in different times 

SLO 3b: Students will illustrate the relationship between structures of power and diverse cultural values  

PO #4 Students will ​​apply anthropological ​theories​​​ to real life examples 


SLO 4a: Students will discuss​​​​ anthropological theories  

SLO 4b:  Students will ​​​evaluate data using theoretical principles from scholarly literature ​​​ 

PO #5 Students will communicate how anthropological concepts help us understand the world 

SLO 5a:  Students will ​​summarize relevant social science​ and anthropological​ literature for diverse audiences 

SLO 5b: Students will explain ​the broader impacts of ​​anthropological research​​​ ​​beyond the classroom​​    

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