Instrument Rental Policy

Musical instruments and equipment are available for rent to support Cal Poly Pomona students and faculty in music department classes, ensembles and studio instruction. These items are available to all music major students, any non-music major student who pays the music fee, and music faculty/staff.


Zach Lovitch, Music Department Technician

Phone: 909-869-3550  Email:

Frequently Asked Questions

The music department rents out all band instruments and bowed string instruments. Chamber instruments (such as harmony pitched instruments), acoustic and electric guitars and electric basses are only rented on a need basis. Please contact the department Technician for additional details on available instruments

Yes. While the instrument is in your possession, you assume all responsibility for its well-being. If the instrument is lost or stolen you will be responsible for the replacement of a similar model instrument, as determined by the department. Damage beyond expected wear and tear must be repaired paid for by the student. Depending on your financial situation and the value of the instrument you may want to consider purchasing a liability insurance policy.

Yes. All inquiries for recommended insurance policies should be referred to the Office of University Risk & Insurance Management. Your renter’s or homeowner insurance policy may extend to instrument rentals. Contact your insurer for details.

All music majors are assessed a $15 music fee per semester, which is applied to your student financial account. As such, if you are a music major, no additional fees are needed to rent an instrument. If you are not a music major (this includes music minor students), the fee for renting an instrument is $15. This a-la-carte fee is paid online at the CASHNet portal. The appropriate item to select in the portal is the Music Fee. Instructions on how to pay can be located here. 

Proof of payment will be required. You may either show the Technician your confirmation email through a screenshot or bring printed copy.

The instrument will be supplied with the necessary accessories to play on and perform basic upkeep on the instrument. This includes cases, mouthpieces, lubricants, cleaning swabs and rosin for bowed string instruments. 

The following accessories are not supplied by the department and you will need to provide your own: reeds, mutes, instrument stands.

Students can rent two instruments simultaneously without additional approval. Before additional rentals are allowed, students will need to make a written request to the department Technician stating specifically which additional instrument(s) will be needed and the ensemble or class the instrument will be used in.

While the department makes all attempts to provide an instrument to all students, sometimes demand can exceed supply and certain instruments may not be available. Please contact the department Technician for information regarding alternate rental options.

The rental period (unless otherwise stated) is from the day you rent, through the last day of final exam week of the current term. All renters will receive information via email for information about renting for the following term.

In most cases summer rentals are not permitted. If certain qualifications are met (music major student and enrolled in a studio), select students may be allowed to rent during the summer break. All requests for summer rentals must be submitted to the department chair before the conclusion of the academic year.

While the instruments rented out by the music department are primarily used to support music department performing ensembles and fundamentals classes, general interest rentals are considered after demand for music department classes has been met. Before requesting a general interest rental, please contact the department Technician to verify availability.

To ensure the safety of everyone during the ongoing pandemic, the process to rent an instrument will be different than in the past and will change as the situation evolves. Information will be made available through the music office for enrolled students. For more information on instrument rentals please contact Zach Lovitch, Music Technician at

Please visit the Cal Poly Pomona Health Alert on COVID-19 (coronavirus) webpage for the most up-to-date information.