Science, Technology, and Society


Peter Ross

Program Director
Peter Ross

Professor, Philosophy Department
Director of the STS Program

Ross received a PhD in Philosophy in 1997 from the City University of New York Graduate School. His main area of research is in philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and he teaches courses in philosophy of mind, cognitive science, philosophy of science, and metaphysics. Please visit Professor Ross's profile page for more information

Because of the interdisciplinarity of STS, courses from approximately 22 departments across the University are included in the Major’s curriculum. These courses are taught by over 50 faculty members

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STS Advisory Board

The STS program receives guidance on curricular and other programmatic issues from the STS Advisory Board. Members of the board represent 7 of the University’s 8 Colleges:

STS Affiliated Faculty

STS Affiliated Faculty provides advice and support for STS student research.  Affiliated Faculty are:

  • Winny Dong (Chemical and Materials Engineering, and Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research)
  • Kristen Conway-Gómez (Geography and Anthropology)
  • Jill Hargis (Political Science, and Interim Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs)
  • Greg Hunter (Economics)
  • Glenn Kageyama (Biological Sciences)
  • Stephen Osborn (Geological Sciences)
  • Ertan Salik (Physics)
  • Faye Wachs (Sociology)