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Location: Building 1 - Room 110

Office Hours: 8am - 4pm

Telephone: The OUR is working remotely - please contact us via email


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DIrector in brown jacket smiling

Dr. Winny Dong

Faculty Director
  • Help in finding a research mentor
  • Faculty assistance in writing grant proposals to support undergraduate research
  • Program collaborations in support of undergraduate research
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Everardo Barraza

Assistant Director
  • Achieve Scholars Program, SURE program, and OUR GRAD Contact
  • Research Scholars Association Advisor
  • Scholarship contact
  • Workshops
  • General Information
Staff in blue shirt smiling

Elisa Mitchell

  • Office Coordination
  • Planning and Assessment
  • Annual Student Research Conference and Symposia
  • Campus and Community Outreach
  • General Information
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Lauren Bernal

Lead Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Workshops
  • General Information
Staff in purple shirt smiling

Micayla Anderson

Communications Specialist
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Writing and Editing
  • Videography
Staff in white shirt smiling

Cynthia Aguilar

Web Developer
  • Web development
  • User experience design
Staff in outdoor setting smiling

Eisen Ipac

STEM Vista Coordinator
  • Student Recruitment
  • Event planning support
  • Presentations and Workshops
  • Data tracking and analysis
  • General Information
Staff smiling

Marmar Tavasol

Events & Outreach Coordinator
  • Research Distinction, Faculty STARS
  • Campus and Community Outreach
  • Conferences and Symposia Events
  • General Information
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Student in outdoor setting smiling

Sophia Baroz

Office & Outreach
Student in outdoor setting smiling

Lyn Yeoh

Graphic Design
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Dr. Forward smiling

Dr. Keith Forward

Faculty Director – Undergraduate Studies and General Education
Associate Professor – Chemical & Materials Engineering
Dr. Guerrero smiling in an outdoor setting

Dr. Mario Guerrero

Department Chair and Associate Professor – Political Science
Dr. Madva smiling

Dr. Alex Madva

Director – California Center for Ethics and Policy
Associate Professor – Philosophy