Programs and Activities

Goal 1

First Year Experience (FYE)

This Learning Community (LC) is for staff and faculty who teach or may be interested in teaching a First Year Experience (FYE) class. We recruit 10-12 faculty and staff in the Fall and Spring terms. Register to be part of the LC!

Project Learning Assistant (PLA) and PolyX Showcase

CPP INVESTS is currently recruiting sophomore and junior STEM students who want to give back to the educational community by becoming Project Learning Assistants (PLAs). PLAs serve as student mentors and assist faculty in project based learning in the First Year Experience (FYE) courses. We recruit 20 PLA students every Spring.

Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

Embed CUREs in second year STEM gateway courses.


i) Scale the number of students participating in internships by embedding six-week “micro” internship experiences in junior gateway and senior capstone courses; and ii) Embed CUREs into capstone and upper-division GE courses.

Goal 2

Alternative Learning Records (ALRs)

Implement four alternative learning records (ALRs) to enhance the transition of STEM students into the STEM workforce:

  • Leadership career development pathway – teamwork and communication ALRs.
  • Research career development pathway – information literacy and problem solving ALRs.

Goal 3

Professional Development (PD)

Provide STEM faculty professional development opportunities anchored in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility through:

  • Identifying and coaching STEM department champions to support efforts in adopting culturally relevant pedagogies and developing more effective equity work initiatives.
  • Offering Faculty Institutes