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A digital badge is a visual representation of skills or knowledge you have gained and learned during a course or activity. You earn badges each time you successfully attend, participate in, and/or complete one of Cal Poly Pomona’s courses or activities that awards digital badges.

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What are others saying about Digital Badges?


"Helps Map out a clear path or direction a student or faculty is headed"

 - National Society of Leadership and Success


"A digital badge is a visual symbol that represents the development of a new skill that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online." 

- IEEE Innovation at Work


"Digital badges offer a method for business leaders to acquire knowledge and stay on top of trends as their careers progress" 

- Indiana University


"Digital Badges shows an organization’s investment in employees and their development "

- Harvard Business Publishing


“Recent college graduates can take what they’ve learned from a university that offers digital credentials (beyond just classes they take and grades they earn), and turn them into granular achievements that are marketable to potential employers” 

- Credly


"Micro-credentials – short, targeted and flexible learning programmes –
are the new kids on the block in higher education systems."