Instructionally Related Activities

IRA Advisory Committee


The Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Advisory Committee serves as a recommending body to the University President through the Chief Financial Officer. The purpose of the Committee is to:

Recommend on the eligibility of activities to receive IRA funding;
Conduct the annual IRA budget request process and review budget requests;
Recommend a balanced annual budget for the distribution of IRA funds;
Recommend any request to adjust the current IRA fee level.

IRA Committee Members & Staff

Voting Members

  • ASI President/Designee, Co-Chair
  • Executive Director of Academic Resources, Co-Chair
  • Four (4) student members* (appointed by the ASI President)
  • Three (3) faculty members (appointed by Academic Senate)
  • Student Affairs representative (appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs)
  • Administrative Affairs representative (appointed by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs)

Ex-Officio (Non-voting Meeting)

  • ASI Executive Director/designee
  • Two (2) Staff support members


The IRA Advisory Committee meets as necessary to fulfill the committee charge. ASI Financial Services has current information on the meeting schedule.

A meeting agenda is prepared by ASI Financial Services and approved by the Co-Chair/s. Minutes are taken and approved at the next Committee meeting.

The meetings are open meetings and follow informal parliamentary procedures.

Notes on Fiscal Management

The University President approves distribution of IRA funding. The recommendations of the committee are advisory only.

The IRA Advisory Committee establishes the Annual Budget timeline with deadlines for budget request, new activity eligibility requests, and dates for mandatory budget preparation workshops.

The IRA Committee reviews the budget requests and meets to deliberate and prepare recommended allocations. The committee must prepare a balanced IRA Annual Budget to recommend to the University President, via the Chief Financial Officer.

Seventy percent (70%) of the approved IRA Annual Budget allocations are released upon approval of the relined budget by the ASI Executive Director. The remaining 30 percent (30%) balance is released during the Spring Semester, following confirmation of fall and spring enrollment numbers by the University.

An IRA-funded activity that has a documented need for early release of the thirty percent balance of its approved IRA Annual Budget allocation may submit the prescribed form to ASI Financial Services for review and approval by the ASI Executive Director.