Instructionally Related Activities

Instructionally Related Activities

The IRA student fee provides funding for out-of-class experiences integrally related to the instructional program. Activities to be funded must be in alignment with Education Code 89230.

The total fee of $40 per year per student is collected as $20 per semester. Fee Projections each year determine the funding available for allocation.

Activities must apply in advance to be eligible to request a budget of IRA funding. Based on consultation with the IRA Advisory Committee, The Cal Poly Pomona University President approves activities to request IRA funding.

Approved activities may request an IRA-funded budget each year for the following year. The IRA Advisory Committee reviews all budget requests in an annual cycle and recommends allocations to the President.

The University President approves IRA budgets. The expense process is facilitated by ASI Financial Services on behalf of the university.

IRA Fee History

  • Established by the University President in 1983 with an annual fee of $10 per student.
  • Increased to $40 per student per year in 1996.

IRA Budget Information