Instructionally Related Activities

IRA Annual Budget Process


Budget request forms are distributed by ASI Financial Services to approved IRA-funded activities and published on the Instructionally Related Activities website.

Each approved IRA-funded activity attends a mandatory budget preparation workshop and submits an annual budget request to ASI Financial Services by the prescribed deadline.

The IRA Advisory Committee reviews the budget requests and prepares recommended allocations.

The University President approves the distribution of IRA funding. The recommendations of the committee are advisory only.

IRA-funded activities are notified by ASI Financial Services of their approved allocations. Activities must submit a relined budget if the allocation is different from what was requested. The relined budget is submitted to ASI Financial Services by the prescribed deadline and reviewed and approved by the ASI Executive Director.

The activity completes an IRA Account Signature Card form with the ASI Financial Services and proceeds with the funded program.

Clubs and organizations that received support from the ASI Annual Budget are not eligible to receive IRA funding.