Instructionally Related Activities

Becoming a New IRA-Funded Activity

horse jumping

Criteria for Eligibility

Activities proposed for eligibility must be in alignment with Education Code 89230. The out-of-class activity must be substantially related to an instructional program and be a direct extension of the in-class experience. The proposed activity must be considered essential to the quality of the educational program. The proposed activity must have direct faculty/staff involvement in the management and supervision of the program.

Application Procedure

The application for IRA-funded status comes from a department or academic discipline and is typically the joint request of students and faculty members. The application must be approved by the department chair and dean of the college/division of the sponsoring department or academic discipline.

The completed application is forwarded to ASI (Associated Students, Inc.) Financial Services. ASI Financial Services handles communications regarding the request and provides support to the IRA Advisory Committee. ASI Financial Services provides the application and any related information to the IRA Advisory Committee for review and recommendation.

Representatives of the activity will be invited to make a presentation at an IRA Advisory Committee meeting so that the committee has the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the proposed activity.

After evaluating the application, the committee forwards its recommendation regarding approval to the University President.

The President of the University makes the final determination of IRA status.

Funding Process

After the University President approves an activity to be eligible for IRA funding, the activity will participate in the Annual Budget Process. A proposed activity may fill out budget request forms in advance of approval but these forms will not be considered for funding prior to approval of eligibility.

Application Forms 

New Activities Application Deadline February 16, 2024 before 5:00 PM