Research Experience for Undergraduates in UAV Technologies

UAV's have the potential of replacing manned aircraft for dull, dirty, and dangerous missions. In addition, UAV's are less expensive than manned aircraft and pose no risk to human operators. Applications include remote sensing, search and rescue missions, border patrol, surveillance of disaster-affected areas, aerial photography, aerial mapping for geotechnical survey, vegetation growth analysis, crop dusting, and precision agriculture. The UAV industry is the fastest growing sector of the aerospace industry. However, there is a lack of professionals entering the workforce for UAV related jobs.

This REU program is designed to increase students' interest in UAV technologies by means of first-hand experience on UAV research with direct mentorship by faculty advisors from various departments within the CPP Colleges of Engineering and Science. This REU Site offers undergraduates opportunities to conduct research during a 10-week summer program, on state-of-the-art technologies and advanced research projects in UAV flight dynamic and control, computer vision, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, and robotics.

In addition to their research, students will participate in weekly research seminars, research meetings, and professional development seminars. The seminars will include topics such as literature review, writing a scientific paper, improving written and oral communication skills, technical presentations, graduate education, career paths, resume building, and ethics in science and engineering. The 10-week program will also include outreach activity.

The students selected for the REU Program will receive a stipend of $600/week for the 10-week period and subsistence allowance including boarding and meals. The students also receive funds for travel and research supplies.

2024 Summer Program

Applications Open: To be announced (Tentative: January 1, 2024). 
Application Deadline: To be announced (Tentative: February 15, 2024) . 

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