Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Collaborative


College of Business Administration

Drew Hwang, PhD
Chair of Computer Information Systems
(909) 869-5289
Drew Hwang is a leader in curriculum development and teacher-scholar research which includes web development, e-commerce applications development and secure web development. He is the founding advisor for the Interactive Web Development Student Association and the founding director for the Mitchell C. Hill Center for Applied Business Technology. Hwang has extensive industry experience as a system analyst, project manager and chief technology officer in business computer information systems. He was the chief developer of, an e-commerce portal site which secured a venture capital fund of $36 million from the New World Development Ltd., one of the top five enterprises in Hong Kong.

Ron Pike, PhD
Director of the Mitchell C. Hill Center for Digital Innovation
Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
(909) 869-5284
Ron Pike’s research interests include cybersecurity with a focus on privacy and software-defined infrastructure. He has published research on cybersecurity and the cloud computing use as an empowering infrastructure in education. As a participant of the Mitchell C. Hill Center, Pike has worked with students to develop a Student-run Data Center and a Security Operations Center devoted to developing and operating a modern cloud-computing environment to serve education and research.

Srikanth Venkatesan, PhD
Director of the California Center for Cyber Risk
(909) 869-2626
Srikanth Venkatesan's research interests includ cybersecurity, informatics and cloud computing, with a focus in information assurance aspects of social network analytics and healthcare information technology. He is a part of the cybersecurity cluster spanning various departments across Cal Poly Pomona.

Gregory Carlton, PhD
Director of Computer Forensic Programs and California Center of Cyber Risk
Professor, Computer Information Systems Department
(909) 869-5190
Gregory Carlton works in the technical areas of computer forensics. He is also an EnCase Certified Examiner and qualified as an expert witness. He has published several articles and papers examining the latest practices and applications of digital forensics in the field.

Dan Manson, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Computer Information Systems
Dan Manson served as Cal Poly Pomona’s information security officer from Sept. 2003 to Mar. 2004 and Jan. 2006 to Dec. 2006. He led the effort for Cal Poly Pomona to be designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education in 2005, 2008 and 2014. Since 2008, Manson has coordinated the Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.
Manson was co-principal investigator on three National Science Foundation grants to support workforce, curriculum and professional development in cybersecurity, including leading student development on the current CyberWatch West NSF ATE Regional Center grant. He was also was principal investigator for an NSF grant to help form an umbrella organization over cybersecurity competitions. Manson is currently commissioner of the National Cyber League.

College of Engineering

Halima El Naga, PhD
Chair of Computer Engineering
(909) 869-2515

College of Science

Daisy Tang, PhD
Chair of Computer Science
(909) 869-2157
Fang Tang’s research focuses in on robotics and artificial intelligence, multi-robot systems, human-robot interactions, machine learning, multi-agent systems, and educational robotics. She is the founder of the intelligent robotics lab at Cal Poly Pomona.

Abdelfattah Amamra, PhD
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
(909) 869-3447
Abdelfattah Amamra's research interests include smartphone security, network security, Internet of Things security, and machine learning to solve security problems. His teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of computer network, network securty and cryptography, machine learning, and computer architecture and design.

Tingting Chen, PhD
Associate Professor, Computer Science Department
Director of NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates in Big Data Security and Privacy
(909) 869-4842
Tingting Chen’s research interests include big data security and privacy, health informatics and cybersecurity in general. She leads undergraduate students in research opportunities in their desired fields, including genomic data privacy, security multiparty cloud computation and hybrid data center security. Her projects have received support by the National Science Foundation, Microsoft Inc. and Amazon Inc.

Mohammad Husain, PhD
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Director, PolySec Lab, Computer Science Center for Cybersecurity and Forensics
Director, CPP CyberCorps Scholarship for Service
(909) 869-2022
Mohamad Husain’s cybersecurity expertise is focused on the areas of data privacy in social networks and neurophysiological solutions for cybersecurity problems. In the data privacy domain, he analyzes trends in state, national and international data privacy laws and their potential impacts as well as application of blockchain in data privacy. One area to watch is the expanding use of DNA testing and what happens when your DNA is being used in increasing ways by others. Husain leads the PolySec lab, a computer science department center for cybersecurity and forensics education, research and outreach supported by ~$2,500,000 federal grants and industry gifts. He also directs the university’s Virtual Reality Lab.