Maximizing Engineering Potential

Prospective Students

The Maximizing Engineering Potential Program (MEP) would like to congratulate you on completing the Cal Poly Pomona University Admissions application process thus far!

If you are interested in applying to MEP, the following are dates to keep in mind, as all students who are accepted must attend these events and meet these deadlines:

ALEKS PPL (Preparation and Learning)

Eligibility for the MEP program is based on math placement and enrollment. Students must be enrolled in a math class that leads to calculus (statistics would not apply) to proceed with the MEP program in the fall. Therefore, students MUST take the ALEKS PPL prior to attending MEP Learning Community & Pre-Orientation event or have  proof of eligibility for college algebra or above. Having taken AP exams but not having scores by the Pre-Orientation event does NOT constitute proof of eligibility and will not be accepted. Therefore, students waiting on AP scores MUST also take the ALEKS PPL.


MEP Learning Community & Pre-Orientation

This event is scheduled prior to the campus Summer Orientation. It is an opportunity for incoming MEP students to receive advising and an overview of the program prior to the Summer Orientation and registration process. Students will be introduced to Peer Mentors and have the opportunity meet other incoming peers form their cohort classmates as well as interact with and upper-division engineering students. First-time freshmen will be placed in set-aside EGR 1000 class sections, and Transfer students will be introduced to special events and topics developed exclusively for adult-returning students. Students accepted into the MEP program will be emailed additional information about this event, including the event registration link.

Priority Orientation and Registration

All students admitted into the MEP program are provided priority registration for the first Fall semester. If you are applying to the MEP program, please keep mid-/late-June June and early-July dates open. For questions regarding orientation dates, payments and deadlines, please contact Orientation Services

Additional information and complete MEP eligibility, requirements, and acceptance emails will be sent out to student applicants throughout the application process.

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Program Benefits

Students admitted into the MEP program will have priority access to the following benefits/services: