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ALEKS PPL Calculus Placement Assessment: 2024-25

About the ALEKS

ALEKS PPL is the mathematics placement program that Cal Poly Pomona uses for first-time freshman who need to take Calculus (MAT 1140, MAT 1200, or MAT 1300) as part of their degree requirements. It allows you to review, take practice tests, and do guided study before taking the test a final time to place into a mathematics course.

Steps to Take the ALEKS PPL Assessment

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

First-time freshmen who are in Math Category 2 in specific majors need to take the ALEKS PPL assessment.


Step 2: Make Your ALEKS Account

Using your CPP email address and password, sign up for the Calculus Placement, Cal Poly Pomona, AY 24-25 at the ALEKS website. This link should take you directly to the ALEKS AY 24-25 cohort. Be ready with pencil, scratch paper, and time for a 1-hour practice assessment when you first log in. The first practice assessment does not count for your placement - it is for practice only.

There is no fee for the ALEKS. Once you activate your account, it'll be available for one year. 

Step 3: Practice

ALEKS is designed as a guided learning experience. After you take an ALEKS PPL Placement assessment, ALEKS provides you with practice problems specifically tailored to you. The sequence of ALEKS PPL Placement assessments and guided learning practice will allow you to place into the appropriate mathematics course and be well prepared for success.

Any practice assessment initiated, but not completed, MUST BE COMPLETED prior to taking the proctored ALEKS PPL Assessment. The ALEKS platform will not allow a student to begin the proctored assessment if an initiated practice assessment has not been completed.

Step 4: Take Proctored Assessment

Once you have completed the learning modules, you will feel confident to come to campus for a proctored assessment. If you are in a major that needs the ALEKS, please check your CPP email address or your BroncoDirect Student Center To Do List for the link to sign up for a testing session. Sessions are offered on select Saturdays and weekdays throughout the summer. 

Once you sign up, monitor your email for check-in instructions. 

You will need your Bronconame and Bronco ID to access the ALEKS PPL proctored assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend beginning your practice assessment at least 3 weeks before your proctored assessment. This will give you time to review topics prior to the proctored assessment.

You should aim to take the ALEKS ahead of your Orientation date. If you take it after, we will help you adjust your math course enrollment as needed.

Any practice assessment initiated, but not completed, MUST BE COMPLETED prior to taking the proctored ALEKS PPL Assessment. The ALEKS platform will not allow a student to begin the proctored assessment if an initiated practice assessment has not been completed.

Our recommendation is to try and take the proctored ALEKS assessment before your Orientation date.

If your major requires you to take MAT 1140, MAT 1200, or MAT 1300, then you are required to take the ALEKS PPL assessment unless you have an exemption. To receive an exemption, you will need to submit one of the following:

  • AP Precalculus or AP Calculus AB and/or BC exam scores of 3s or higher. You can make sure to indicate Cal Poly Pomona on your AP score report. If you have a passing score and it is not on your Transfer Credit Report, join the Bronco Advising Center’s virtual queue for assistance. You will need to know your College Board login information. CPP will receive 2024 scores in July.



  • Official transcripts for College Algebra (as the prerequisite for MAT 1200) or College Algebra and Trigonometry (as the prerequisites for MAT 1140 or MAT 1300) from an accredited college with grades of C or higher. Refer to your college’s registrar or records webpage for more instructions on ordering official transcripts. Visit Admissions’ Admitted Freshmen checklist for more information on submitting transcripts.  

It may take a few weeks for CPP to receive your scores or transcripts, add them to your record and clear your To Do List item. 

SAT math score and/or your ACT math score are not eligible for an exemption.

We strongly encourage you to still take the ALEKS in the event you don't pass the AP exam or course. We will use the higher score to place you.

We will use your highest score to place you in a math course. Your proctored ALEKS assessment score will serve as an insurance policy in the event you do not pass the AP exam.

Students who live out of the area can contact us to discuss options. Students are encouraged to select a test date before their orientation date and are encouraged not to select a test date during their orientation so they do not miss any orientation components.
If none of the testing dates work for you because of extenuating circumstances, contact

Taking the proctored ALEKS assessment is strongly recommended so we can place you in a math course that fits your major and helps you make progress to degree. There is no penalty for not taking the ALEKS, but you may need to take additional math courses prior to enrolling in your major's math requirements.  

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