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Welcome to the Department of Art

The Art Department's primary mission is teaching excellence and program quality. As part of only two polytechnics in the CSU system, the Art Department is distinguished by its “learn by doing” approach, encouraging hands-on projects, research collaboration, internships, and service learning. Because of our unique situation as part of the College of Environmental Design, we challenge students to address the environmental, social, and ethical issues in today's society.  The Department takes pride in having a recognized positive impact in a highly competitive region, and would like to build on this reputation.

Our Department offers one of the only Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Visual Communication Design in the California State University system and was recognized in 2020 as one of the “Top 10 Graphic Design Schools and Colleges in California” by Animation Career Review. The Art History program has the distinction of being the only program to offer a Bachelor of Art degree in Art History in the California State University system in Southern California. In 2014, the Center on Higher Education Reform described Cal Poly Pomona as one of the best universities for delivering access, affordability, and student success; the Art Department shares and supports these values. 

Change of Major Meeting - Fall 2023

Thinking of switching your major to Visual Communication Design (VCD) or Art History? Are you curious about the Studio Arts and Art History minor programs and the ways they can enhance your design and non-design bachelor's? Attend the Fall 2023 Change of Major Meeting hosted by the Department of Art!

Change of Major Meeting - Fall 2023
Tuesday, Sep. 12 | 12-1 p.m. (PST)
Meeting ID: 892 2683 2420


Note to Students: Faculty Advisors

If your faculty advisor is on sabbatical, you can select another faculty member from the Faculty Listing section to serve as an alternate until your primary faculty advisor returns. View the Department of Art's directory here. Please note that Lecturers and Emeriti do not provide student advising.

For general academic advising inquiries, contact the ENV Student Success Center at Students can also book virtual appointments with a Student Success Advisor's via CPP Connect. Find their individual CPP Connect links, learn about their areas of expertise and sign up for Fall 2021 Art History and Visual Communication Design group advising sessions at

The Department of Art at Cal Poly Pomona is currently accredited by the National Associations of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD) and as of November 11, 2022 has probationary status. 

As per the NASAD Commission Action Report from November 11, 2022:

“The Commission notes the failure of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona to address successfully the previously cited issue and continuing of non-compliance pertaining to health and safety. The institution is reminded of its responsibility to maintain compliance with all applicable standards on a timely and ongoing basis. The Commission requests that the institution review with the utmost care the issue noted below, develop a cogent and focused reply demonstrating its compliance with standards, and provide the reply to the Commission for review. 

With regard to this issue, the Commission acknowledges receipt of the institution’s Response dated October 4, 2022 in reply to the NASAD Commission Action Report dated May 24, 2022, specifically regarding its efforts to address the ongoing and long-standing health and safety issues in ceramics (see NASAD Handbook 2020-21, Standards for Accreditation II.F.1.g and i.) and notes that the information provided at this time was insufficient to ascertain the institution’s compliance with applicable standards as noted below. The Commission notes that information addressing cited concerns and compliance with standards as supported and documented by detailed information has been requested now on four separate occasions (see NASAD Commission Action Reports dated November 13, 2020; May 25, 2021; November 12, 2021; and May 24, 2022). The Commission notes that the issue with regards to ceramics remains unresolved at this time.”

“The institution will remain on probation through November 1, 2023 pending receipt of evidence that confirms that appropriate steps have been taken by the institution to ensure that the facility issue noted in Action 1, item #1 above has been resolved. Before probation can be removed, the institution must submit further and definitive information that satisfactorily demonstrates its compliance with standards cited in Action 1, item #1 above (see NASAD Handbook 2021-22, Bylaws,  Article I., Section 3.C.).”

“Probation is not an adverse action. However, notice of probation is forwarded to the U.S. Secretary of Education, the appropriate state licensing or authorizing agency, and the appropriate accrediting agencies at the same time the institution is notified, and the public within twenty-four hours of notification to the institution (see NASAD Handbook 2021-22, Bylaws, Article I., Section 3.D)."