ENV Student Success Center

ENV Student Success Center

An image of the ENV Student Success Team. From left to right: Michelle Martinez, Monique Wesley, and Ashley Ysais

Our Services

  • General Academic Advising & Course Selection (GE & Core) 
  • Registration and Graduation Questions 
  • Petition Assistance & Information  
  • Degree Progress Review (DPR) Review 
  • Transfer Credit Review (TCR) Review 
  • California Promise Advising 
  • CPP Connect Planner Review 
  • At-Risk, Probation, Probation with Contract Advising 
  • Resource Referal 


Schedule an Appointment - virtual or in-person.  

Appointments are scheduled in 30-min increments with your assigned advisor for the services mentioned above. You may not be able to switch from an in-person appointment to a virtual appointment or vice verse, after scheduling. Play watch video and log on to CPP Connect when you're ready to make an appointment.  

Please note that our advisors schedule appointments only two weeks out from today . If no appointments appear within the next two weeks, they have all been booked by other students. 

Drop-In Hours

Spring 2024 Hours with Advisors:

Drop-ins with Advisors are for quick questions only, for more complex matters, please feel free to schedule an appointment. Staff drop-ins will begin week of 1/15.

Monday- Virtual 10:30 am- 11:30 am- Monique 
Tuesday-in person- 2-3 pm- Ashley (7-104D); 3:30-4:30 pm- Monique (7-104E) 
Wednesday-in person- 10 am – 11 am- Michelle (7-104C) 
Thursday- virtual- 11 am- 12 pm- Ashley; 3- 4 pm- Michelle 
Friday- No drop-ins  

Zoom link: https://cpp.zoom.us/s/82085994496


Spring 2024 Hours with Student Success Ambassadors:
Drop-ins with our student workers are for quick questions on how to use CPP Connect Planner or navigate BroncoDirect. Student worker drop-ins will begin the week of 1/22.
Mondays/ Wednesdays/ Fridays: 9 am – 11 am; 2-4 pm
Tuesdays/ Thursdays: 1-4 pm 
Zoom link: https://cpp.zoom.us/s/82625808048

ENV Major Information

Please use the Change of Major tool for information to change into one of our majors. 

Questions about changing to an ENV major: 

  • Architecture major 
    Department Chair: George Proctor, grproctor@cpp.edu 
  • Art History major 
    Department Chair: Anthony Acock, awacock@cpp.edu 
  • Landscape Architecture major 
    Department Chair: Claire A. Latané, calatané@cpp.edu 
  • Urban and Regional Planning major   
    Department Chair: Gwen Urey, gurey@cpp.edu 
  • Visual Communication Design major 
    Department Chair: Anthony Acock, awacock@cpp.edu 

ENV Minor Information

Please find more robust information on the minors page