ENV Student Success Center

ENV Student Success Center

An image of the ENV Student Success Team. From left to right: Michelle Martinez, Monique Wesley, and Ashley Ysais

Our Services

  • General Academic Advising & Course Selection (GE & Core) 
  • Registration and Graduation Questions 
  • Petition Assistance & Information  
  • Degree Progress Review (DPR) Review 
  • Transfer Credit Review (TCR) Review 
  • California Promise Advising 
  • CPP Connect Planner Review 
  • At-Risk, Probation, Probation with Contract Advising 
  • Resource Referral 


Schedule an Appointment - virtual or in-person.  

Appointments are scheduled in 30-min increments with your assigned advisor for the services mentioned above. You may not be able to switch from an in-person appointment to a virtual appointment or vice verse, after scheduling. Play watch video and log on to CPP Connect when you're ready to make an appointment.  

NOTE FOR INCOMING FALL 2024 STUDENTS: You will gain access to make appointments on CPP Connect in the fall.

Please note that our advisors schedule appointments only two weeks out from today . If no appointments appear within the next two weeks, they have all been booked by other students. 

Drop-In Hours

Summer 2024 Drop-In Hours with Advisors 

Drop-ins with Advisors are for quick questions only, for more complex matters, please feel free to schedule an appointment. Please note drop-in hours are for current CPP students only. Incoming CPP students will meet with advisors at orientation.

Tuesdays: Monique: 3-4 pm via Zoom 

Wednesdays: Michelle: 2-3 pm via Zoom

Thursdays: Ashley: 11 am - 12 pm via Zoom

Zoom link

ENV Major Information

Architecture Flow Chart (PDF)
Art History - Consult with your advisor, Monique Wesley, or your faculty advisor.
Landscape Architecture Flow Chart (PDF)
URP - Fall 2024 Advising Notes (PDF)
VCD Flow Chart (PDF)

Please use the Change of Major tool for information to change into one of our majors.