Facilities Planning and Management

Custodial Services

Custodial Services maintains over 1.9 million square feet of building space. Staff members provide housekeeping for the campus, respond to emergency clean-ups, spray for insects inside of buildings, and provide any additional assistance to the colleges and other facilities. Crews assist in preparing and cleaning up after special events. They also lock and unlock buildings to ensure adequate security. The aim of the department is to create and maintain a clean, comfortable and safe campus environment.

With 130 buildings on campus, the custodial crew has a rigorous daily routine. Custodians start work at 3 a.m. to ensure that all classrooms, laboratories, restrooms and other public areas are clean before the first class begins. The custodial unit is divided into several crews, which are assigned to specific buildings. Each custodial worker is responsible for a specific area and takes great pride in his or her work. The custodians can be counted upon, and the staff members in each building come to rely on and know them on a first-name basis.