Facilities Planning and Management

Logistics & Recycling Services

This unit includes: 

  • Warehouse Services
  • Recycling Services

Warehouse Services 

The warehouse serves as the "general store" for the various units within Facilities Management. 

The warehouse has a current inventory of approximately 1,475 items in stock, with an additional 4,225 items available on request. Inventory consists of various electrical, plumbing, HVAC, automotive, irrigation and office supplies needed by the employees of Facilities Management. The warehouse also receives specialty items ordered by Facilities Management for campus projects, and provides services and supplies to the Rose Float Committee. 

Additionally, Warehouse Services is responsible for the ordering and upkeep of the fire extinguishers on campus. In case of a power outage, emergency flashlights and light sticks are stowed away for campus use. The warehouse is also well stocked with emergency equipment and supplies in the event of an emergency or disaster. 

The campus community may also request barricades and cones from the warehouse for traffic control.

Recycling Services 

Recycling Services is tasked with developing and implementing a comprehensive waste and recycling program. Working collaboratively with the campus community, this unit oversees areas of waste prevention, recycling, composting, recycled product research, public education and campus recycling procedures. A plan has been developed to comply with all federal, state, and local statutes and regulations governing solid waste issues. 

This unit also loans moving boxes to the campus community, provides moving services, and manages the surplus furniture warehouse (An appointment may be made to view used furniture and office items.). 

The CSU system is committed to designing a 50% waste reduction and recycling program.