UHS Events

residents participating in a meals with calfresh event holding the prepared food

Meals with CalFresh

Meals with CalFresh began in Spring 2022 and is a collaborative event with ASI (Associated Students Inc.) Poly Pantry, CalFresh, and the Bronco Wellness Center. Together, we host informative programs around nutrition and wellness, and discuss the campus services students have available to them. After the informative portion, residents partake in a live demonstration creating and prepping the meals.
residents smiling while on a hike

Hike to Kellogg

Our Student Leader Event Leads took residents on a fun, relaxing on-campus hike to Kellogg House. Students enjoyed a leisure walk discovering this hidden gem of a trail, one of many Cal Poly Pomona has to offer.
residents participating in yoga

Yoga with the BRIC

Students took a moment to relax, stretch, and meditate during midterms. The Student Leader Event Lead team collaborated with ASI to bring a BRIC (Bronco Recreation and Intramural Complex) Yoga Instructor to Housing to lead a class.
IHC video game night

Video Game Night

Inter-Hall Council (IHC) gathered to bring fellow gamers together to host a fun, social video game program. Residents met fellow gamers and played on the Nintendo Switch while enjoying snacks and socializing. 

We strive to keep our reisdents well-informed by sending a weekly Events Newsletter. University Housing residents receive this email automatically, providing updates on events within our housing community and across campus. We encourage all residents to explore the numerous involvement opportunities available and make the most of their University experience.

University Housing provides a variety of involvement opportunities ranging from attending programs/events throughout the school year, joining one of the many student-run councils, or applying to become a Student Leader.  

Throughout the year, your RA will host programs and events for your community. Additionally, our Events Team will host fun, social programs throughout the semester for you to join.

Ask your front desk about upcoming events, look for posted advertisements, and follow @cppuhsreslife on Instagram!



Getting involved in your community is a great way to make connections. One way to meet people in housing is by joining Inter-Hall Council. 

Inter-Hall Council (IHC) is a student club organization that serves residents by advocating for resident needs and planning fun, social programs/events. Within IHC there are other councils you can join from your community:  

  • Suites Council 
  • Residential Hall Council
  • Traditional Hall Council

Each council has student senators that help advocate for their community and plan events!

Learn more
To learn more about Inter-Hall Council and getting involved, check out our webpage: Inter-Hall Council

Interested in joining?
For more information on Inter-Hall Council, Hall Council, or Suites Council ask your RA, look for posted advertisement, or fill out the IHC Interest Form!

For more information, follow @ihc.cpp on Instagram!

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University Housing Services centers our programming around the Cal Poly Pomona Strategic Initiatives and the Division of Student Affairs Purpose, Vision, and Priorities. Together, our Student Leaders aim to provide community-building, educational, and inclusive programs for all residents. By connecting our programs to the Cal Poly Pomona Strategic Initiatives, we are able to follow the campus' mission statement of "cultivating success through a diverse culture of experiential learning, discovery, and innovation." Below you’ll find information on each strategic initiative, as well as topics our Student Leaders focus on when preparing and planning UHS events.

strategic initiatives
programming topic

Cal Poly Pomona offers a multitude of events across campus. Whether its with ASI, Athletics, Dining Services, etc., there is always something fun and engaging happening daily! 


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