Freshmen Requirement

Incoming First-Year Freshmen who graduated high school from non-local districts are required to complete the housing application process. Submission of an application does not guarantee a housing assignment. Priority of housing assignments will be given to students who apply early.

Cal Poly Pomona is committed to enhancing our students’ experiences, persistence, and graduation rates. Living on campus for at least your first year is a significant advantage that contributes to your success at Cal Poly Pomona. As part of a residential community, you have an opportunity to make connections with other students, faculty, and staff. Living on campus connects residents to support services that assist in the transition to college life. Studies show that first-year, full-time students living on-campus have higher GPAs, stay in school in higher numbers, and graduate faster.

Cal Poly Pomona recognizes that exemptions to the residential requirement may be appropriate in certain circumstances. The exemption process can be completed through your Housing Portal after the 2024-2025 housing application opens on February 29, 2024


  • First-Year Freshmen who graduated high school from outside the local service area
  • To be eligible to enroll for classes, non-local freshmen are required to complete one of the following processes listed below:
  • Complete the housing application process


  • Complete the exemption process

While UHS highly encourages and welcomes ALL students to apply to live on-campus, the Residential Requirement is not mandatory for:

  • First-Year Transfer students
  • Returning/continuing students
  • PELL eligible students (see more information below)
  • DREAM eligible students (see more information below)
  • First-Year Freshmen who graduated from a local high school


Local Area Schools and Districts: If your school or district is listed below, the residential requirement does NOT apply to you:

 local school districts

  • The Residential Requirement DOES NOT apply to PELL Eligible or DREAM eligible students
    • Eligibility will be confirmed through the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Confirmed Pell Eligible & Dreamers do NOT need to submit a housing exemption.
  • If able, Pell Eligible & Dreamers are highly encouraged and welcome to apply to live on-campus.

Cal Poly Pomona recognizes that exemptions to the Residential Requirement may be appropriate in certain circumstances. In such cases, Cal Poly Pomona grants housing exemptions for students who meet certain requirements, including:  

Exemption Criteria:

  • 21 years of age
  • Current active military or veteran status
  • Married, domestically partnered, and/or with legally dependent children
  • Independent Student Status
  • Medical and Disability Circumstances
  • Extreme Financial Hardship
  • Other - Special circumstances for which living on campus would create a substantial personal hardship will be considered. Verification of the special circumstances is required.

Exemption Process:

  1. Log into Housing Portal 
  2. Complete the exemption request form available on your Housing Portal.
  3. Provide Personal Statement and supporting documentation– The Exemption form asks for a detailed personal statement of your situation and the upload of supporting documentation.
  4. Exemption Requests will be reviewed by UHS and/or appropriate university departments. Status updates will be posted to your Cal Poly Pomona email, as well as available on your Housing Portal.


Exemption Deadline:

May 15th: To have a decision prior to the university’s June 1, 2024 intent to Enroll deadline.

July 22nd: Final deadline to submit an exemption (30-days prior to Fall move-in)


When Can I Submit My Housing Application or Exemption

  • You must be an admitted student to complete a housing application or exemption.
    • Access to the Housing Portal will be made available approximately 24-48 hours after admitted to the university.
  • 2024-2025 housing application and exemption request is scheduled to open February 29, 2024.